Key technologies

(1).  Liquid waste treatment adopts proprietary technologies of the company. Thiosulfate is oxidized to sulfate and no thiosulfate is produced throughout the process. Salt extracting products are sulfate and thiocyanate.

(2). High-efficient, reliable, and advanced energy-saving technology; energy consumption is 10%-20% lower than that of waste liquid treatment method by existing separation technology;

(3). It is high-efficient and comprehensive water treatment technology, waste liquid treatment and environmental protection technology. Industrial exhaust gas absorption apparatus is added, no secondary pollution is produced throughout all process, “zero” emission; 30% clear liquids meet supplementary water requirements of gas desulfurization system, and 70% clear liquids are directly discharged and meet requirements of circulation cooling water.

(4). Professional equipment, integrated technology for engineering anticorrosion, and efficient automation techniques. 

(5). Proprietary technologies to ensure product quality during salt extracting process and process quality control technology