Technical scheme comparison

(1). Existing tradition techniques can meet basic environmental requirements. The separation process of physical separation method is too complicated and not thoroughly. Salt extracting productsare thiocyanate, mixed salt (mthiosulfate, ammonium sulfate, mixture of thiocyanate).

(2). The technology meets the requirements of high-standard environment protection. It adopts physical and chemical method to translate waste liquid into di-salt liquid. Salt extracting liquids are separated and purified through reverse osmosis membrane. 70% can meet direct emission standards or circulation cooling water requirements, the rest 30% are used as supplementary water.
Salt extracting products are high-quality thiocyanate, ammonium sulfate, and thiosulfate.

Specific technical indexes: (HPF method and A.D.A method)

Technical index

Tradition technology

Available technology

Salt extracting rate(%)



Extracting rate of thiocyanate(%)



Waste liquid after salt extraction



70% processed liquid≤80   30% processed liquid≤10000

Ammonia nitrogen (mg/L)


70% processed liquid≤10   30% processed liquid≤8000




Direction of waste liquid

Continuous water treatment or desulfurization system

70% as circulating cooling water  30% desulfurization system

Water balance of gas desulfurization system

Cannot meet water balance of gas desulfurization system

Meets requirement

Steam consumption (T steam/T waste liquid)



Specific technical indexes: (HPF method, A.D.A method)